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A house divided cannot stand

Have you ever wondered when our country became so divided?


or read a news article and wondered if it was biased in any way? 

The polarization of the mainstream media and social platforms has spread disinformation and eroded user trust

leaving Americans divided on the major issues of our time

we believe in the power of meeting in the middle

We break down the week's most controversial story using both conservative and liberal viewpoints. Our goal is not to change your mind. We just want to make sure you have both sides of the story, from popular news sources across the aisle. 


We also may sprinkle a few jokes, so entertainment could be part of our agenda. Unless you don't laugh, then we were serious.

No matter what your position on the story is, we hope you'll leave each newsletter with a better understanding of the other side. 

the only way to move forward is to understand each other 

We created the Aisle with a vision of political media that prioritizes both sides of the story. Our mission is to bring people together. By clearly identifying left leaning and right leaning news sources in our newsletter, we make it easy for you to get a quick,  balanced, and engaging look at the most controversial story of the week.

We care about reader trust and transparency. Most of all, we believe that the only way to solve the most pressing problems of our country is by working together. 

Along the way, you may find that we have more common than what sets us apart. And we all care about making this country a better place.

Wow, we care about a lot of stuff. Was that too cliche? The point is that a lot of these things can be addressed by having access to the right information. That's where you come in. Keep scrolling!

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