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To: readers across the Aisle

Subject: The .06 percent

Date: July 23rd, 2020


MLK and Rabbi Heschel march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965

The .06 percent

Anti-semitism and racism won't be tolerated in the US.

In this newsletter:

  • intersectionality

  • Jewish privilege

  • Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Let's take a walk down the Aisle...

"I'm a Jew of color, and I won't be quiet about anti-semitism."

The Black and Jewish community have a long history of fighting oppression together. A feeling that Jewish Americans are able to find economic and social prosperity faster than Black Americans due to skin color has led to growing tensions.

Black Jews (.06% of Americans) are speaking out about how prejudice for other groups still exists even within the marginalized. As a minority within a minority, they're facing both:

  • racial injustice in Jewish communities 

  • rising anti-semitism in Black communities

The last hatred

Nick Cannon and DeSean Jackson faced public outrage for a series of disgusting anti-semitic and anti-white comments last week. 


Antisemitism is on the rise in the US, due to lack of education on Holocaust and a twisted need to find an explanation for recent tragic events

  • Ex: In NYC, over 50% of religious based hate crimes targeted Jews in 2019.

#JewishPrivilege started trending. While we cannot conflate anti-black racism and anti-semitism, to claim all Jews are privileged erases genocide and systematic oppression in a way we never want to do with slavery and Jim Crow.

Right: response to anti-semitism is much weaker than other forms of hate

Left: Cannon was fired; Jackson apologized and met with Holocaust survivor

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What about Israel?

I knew you were going to bring it up. Israel was created in 1948 as a home for indigenous Jewish people, since there are no other countries with a Jewish majority.​

Israel gives more rights to women, LGBTQ+, and minorities (Arab Israelis have equal rights) than any other country in the Middle East. 

*Record scratch* In creating Israel, 530 villages were destroyed, 13,000 Palestinians killed, and 750,000 refugees left in the Nakba. An occupied Palestine is still not free.

Proponents say that a one state solution would allow both people to live together peacefully. Opponents point out that this would eliminate Israel's Jewish majority, leaving Palestinians as second class citizens.

Right: Israel has the strongest democracy in the ME & is a strategic ally

Left: some support Israel but majority criticize human rights violations in Palestine

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Everyone: So how complicated is your history?

Middle East: yes

A two state solution would mean two independent states for two peoples.


  • Palestinians are free

  • Israel keeps Jewish majority & democracy

Progressive jews argue that ending occupation isn't antisemitic. Everyone wins right?

Not so fast:

  • Land annexation is making this solution increasingly impossible

  • Possible takeover of West Bank by Hamas threatens Israeli security

  • Both sides claim Jerusalem 


Right: more sympathy for Israelis (Trump's plan was denied by Palestinians)

Left: against land annexation & for 2 state solution


One does not simply solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

As Americans, we don't need to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in order to eradicate anti-semitism and racism from the US.


Let's focus on anti-semitism and racism here.



Other controversies

What: Biden takes the lead

Right: need to use Biden's prior record (ex. 1994 crime bill) & scare older voters w/ socialist agenda

Left: COVID, economy, and protests not working for POTUS 

What: Kanye's first campaign rally

RightYe needs help but he also made an emotional appeal against abortion

Left: Ye needs help and he said that Harriet Tubman did not free slaves

What: Portland protests

Right: protestors are becoming increasingly violent (attacked policeman with hammer)

Left: unmarked federal agents are holding protestors unlawfully in unmarked vans

What: NBA supports BLM but won't speak out about Hong Kong

Right: most of the NBA's money comes from China so they won't stand up for HK

Left: this is whataboutism


Closing Points

  • Anti-semitism is on the rise + we must fight against both anti-semitism and racism

  • Intersectionality between black and jewish community is strong 

  • 1 state and 2 state are two opposing solutions to Israeli-Palestinian conflict


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I want to see other people


Quote of the week

"Do not get lost in a sea of despair. Be hopeful, be optimistic. Our struggle is not the struggle of a day, a week, a month, or a year, it is the struggle of a lifetime. Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble."

-John Lewis was a civil rights legend who served in the House since 1987 and passed away last Sunday at 80. He wrote the graphic novel, March, about his civil rights work.

(I'm really feeling the graphic novel vibe this week)

Thank you

Thank you for walking across the Aisle with us this week. Now that you have both sides of the story, it’s up to you to decide where you stand. 


Regardless of where you end up, we’re thankful that you read ideas that challenged your position, and we hope you’ll leave with a better understanding of the other side.


See you next week!


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This article cites 17 liberal news sources in blue and 13 conservative news sources in red. 20 sources were considered neutral in gray. 

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