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To: readers across the Aisle

Subject: Honest Abe playing dirty

Date: September 11, 2020

On this day, 19 years ago, we lost nearly 3,000 Americans in the attack on the World Trade Center. We will never forget the tragedy of this day, and the sacrifice and bravery of our heroes. You can find ways to honor those lost at the end of this newsletter.

Tea Party.png

Did you think we forgot about the RNC?

The Republican National Convention happened August 24th-27th. In this newsletter:

  • RNC highlights, from Nikki Haley to Daniel Cameron

  • the growing divide driven by the Lincoln Party 

  • family politics in the Trump administration 

Let's take a walk down the Aisle...


What: The Republican National Convention is held before every Presidential election to nominate a candidate

Where: Almost entirely virtual with speakers assembling at the White House

Why: To remind the nation that the ‘best is yet to come’ (just as Kimberly Guilfoyle excitedly shouted) and project the falsities in Biden and Harris’ socialist utopia.

A Counter Figure

Nikki Haley's speech included:

  • declaration that America isn’t racist

  • a description of herself as a “proud daughter of Indian immigrants”. Deja vu anyone?

  • Praise for Trump’s administrative + foreign policy decisions concerning North Korea, Iran, and the IS

There were speculations that Haley would be chosen as a vice-presidential nominee by Trump in an action mimicking Biden’s. With Pence formally accepting his nomination, this rumor has been put to rest. 

But the GOP isn’t just yet putting the immigrant-narrative aside. This might set the stage for a Haley vs. Harris run in 2024. 

Left: Haley overlooked the fact that the US’s efforts to overthrow the IS began under Obama. Trump’s approach hasn’t curbed the IS from operating at a reduced level. 

Right: Despite having no obligation to make any payment, the Obama administration sent over a plane full of cash to Iran, thus funding the perpetuation of conflicts in the Middle East  


A Family Affair 

The dominance of the family – Melania, the children, and partners of Eric and Donald Jr. – drew remarks about the RNC being a family affair.


Summary: the Trump family pushed for a second term

  • Ivanka called her father a “people’s president," "champion of the American worker," "defender of common sense,” and “voice for the forgotten men and women of the country” 

  • Donald Jr. called out Biden and the left for trying to bully the right into submission

  • Melania underscored her husband’s love for the country and ability “to get things done”

Bonus: speaking of family, Kellyanne Conway's (Trump advisor) and George Conway's (co-founder of the Lincoln Project- more below) daughter is pushing for emancipation. And you thought your family drama was bad? 

Left:Trump was the very first President to inappropriately give the largest chunk of airtime to his family’s speeches 

Right: there's a crazy double standard when attacking the President and his family with comments that are otherwise labeled as xenophobic 

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 11.27.26

Lincoln claps back

Just as in 2016, there seems to be a widening divide within the party over Trump.


Mitt Romney – a loud critic of Trump in the party – was not invited to the RNC. The President has been just as loudly critical of Romney, calling him the party’s “worst senator." 


It all began with the impeachment trial - He chose to convict Trump because it was a matter of following his conscience


The internal rift isn’t just restricted to Romney and became more prevalent with the pandemic


The Trump administration hasn’t necessarily been following the principles of the Tea Party movement either. Rand Paul declared the movement dead – very few Republicans now care about deficit and spending.


The latest tea has been the new anti-Trump video campaigns run by the Lincoln Project

  • Dedicated Americans Protecting Democracy, so they describe themselves

  • Campaigning to oust Trump from office

  • Minute-long ads to expose the administration

Left:Trump’s ballistic reaction to critics ‘at home’ is a reflection of his desperation

Right:Lincoln Project has Russian ties and tax troubles – this is a disgrace to Lincoln

Breaking the norm

The RNC broke many norms but what stood out most of all was Trump’s cameo in a naturalization ceremony broadcasted as part of the Convention. 


Two women who were naturalized said that they didn’t know that their ceremony at the White House would appear as part of the Convention. But they had no complaints either. 

Other speakers:

  • McCloskeys warned suburbanites of an unsafe America if Biden wins

  • Daniel Cameron (first Black AG of Kentucky) spoke about law and order and how the Democratic Party takes advantage of the Black vote

Left:An anti-immigrant president presiding over such a ceremony felt like ‘exploitation’ and was hypocritic 

Right:It was only an effort to give a ‘new look’ to Trump – people need to know that he isn’t actually a bigot. 

Other controversies

What: Cardi B vs. Candace Owens 

Right: Sanders and Biden manipulate Cardi despite the fact that their policies haven't historically helped Black Americans

Left: Candace Owens is used by Trump supporters to claim the party isn't racist

What: Trump says he knew how deadly COVID would be in Feb.

Right: this is an overreaction- Trump already said in March and April during press conferences that he downplayed the virus to remain positive

Left: Trump purposely hid this information in order to protect the economy, costing thousands  of lives


What: Trump reportedly calls buried veterans "losers and suckers"

Right: this is not a factual story (only uses anonymous sources); Trump supports the military more than any other president

Left: Trump does not respect the military or this country 

What: Biden loses Latinos in Florida

Right: Cubans and Venezuelans are weary of socialism and leaning towards Trump

Left: need clear strategy for attracting diverse Latino demographic

What: MAGA boat parade 

Right: the silent majority support is going ~swimmingly~ for the campaign

Left: yike several boats sank



Spread some good 

  • The Man in the Red Bandana was a trader who saved 12 people by making several trips back up before towers collapsed. You can donate to the Welles Remy Crowther trust here

  • Todd Beamer's famous last words were "let's roll," before he and other passengers fought hijackers to regain control of flight 93 preventing it from attacking DC. 

  • You can visit the virtual 9/11 museum and donate here.

  • Over 3M acres were destroyed by fires in California, here's how you can help.


Quote of the week

"What separates us from the animals, what separates us from the chaos, is our ability to mourn people we’ve never met.” —David Levithan

On September 11, 2001, 2,977 Americans died after an attack by terrorists on NYC's Twin Towers. We will never forget the tragedy and loss of this day, and the sacrifice of everyday heroes who stepped up to protect their fellow citizens. 

Our nation saw unprecedented unity after 9/11. COVID-19 has killed more than 190,000 Americans. Although we are working to achieve the same unity we had 19 years ago, the continuing sacrifice of everyday heroes & frontline workers remains a constant reminder of the American spirit in crisis.

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This article cites 15 liberal news sources in blue and 17 conservative news sources in red. 6 sources were considered neutral in gray. 

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